What is The DMAIG Mosaic?
The DMAIG Mosaic is a photo mosaic built by the Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group. Proceeds from the mosaic will benefit Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) and their efforts to conquer childhood cancer. The mosaic is made up of photos submitted by THON supporters who donate in exchange for being able to upload their photos to the interactive mosaic. Once the submission period has ended, the mosaic will remain online and will also be turned into a physical mural. The completed 10 ft by 8 ft mosaic will become a permanent part of the Penn State University Park campus and will be hung at the new THON Store at the HUB.
What is DMAIG?
The Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group (DMAIG) is a Penn State University-sponsored Alumni Interest Group (AIG) designed to bring THON alumni together and keep them connected to one of Penn State's most beloved traditions.

The Mission of the Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group:

DMAIG promises to promote a continuing relationship between students and alumni who care about THON by providing opportunities for alumni to give time, money and resources to aid Four Diamonds in the conquering of childhood cancer.

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What is THON?
The mission of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) is to conquer pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support to the children, families, researchers, and staff of the Four Diamonds Fund.

The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon is a year-long fundraising and awareness campaign for the fight against pediatric cancer. This effort engages more than 15,000 students across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in hopes of finding a cure.

The year culminates with a 46 hour no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon known as THON Weekend. This event is held at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center each year in the month of February. In 2014, THON raised a record-breaking $13.34 million and was able to donate 96% of funds raised directly to Four Diamonds.

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What is Four Diamonds?
The Four Diamonds' mission is to conquer childhood cancer by assisting children treated at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital and their families through superior care, comprehensive support, and innovative research.

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Where does the money collected from the DMAIG Mosaic go?
Net proceeds will be donated to THON on behalf of DMAIG. As part of the proceeds, $5,000 may be kept for the Rick Funk Endowment Scholarship, seeking to recognize a Penn State student who has demonstrated commitment, loyalty, leadership and the ability to motivate other students involved in THON. DMAIG has been awarding this scholarship since its inception in 1996. Any additional proceeds will be donated directly to THON.
How can I get my photo in the DMAIG Mosaic?
In order to get a photo of your choosing in the mosaic, you will need to donate $55. Alternatively, 2 or more photos can be purchased for $50 each.
What if I do not have a picture of THON?
The photos in the mosaic do not need to be photos taken at THON. Any photo can be submitted provided it does not fall into one of the restrictions outlined in the terms and conditions.
How long will DMAIG Mosaic sales run?
DMAIG Mosaic sales begin on Nov 10, 2014 and will run until Feb 21, 2016 unless they sell out sooner.
Where will the DMAIG Mosaic be displayed?
The DMAIG Mosaic will be permanently placed on the Penn State University campus in the window of the new THON store at the HUB. The physical mosaic will measure 10 ft by 8 ft and will be hung after mosaic sales have ended.
Can I purchase a photo as a gift for someone else?
Yes, you can purchase a photo as a gift. As you go through the purchase process, you will have the opportunity to check a box indicating that this is a gift. You will then be sent an email that you can forward to someone else, so that they can upload a photo of their choice.
What if I do not have a PayPal account?
If you are unable to make a donation through PayPal, please email
Can I make a donation to this project without purchasing a photo?
Yes, to make a donation to the DMAIG Mosaic, please contact